Order Information

You can order with purchase order, prepaid check or by telephone with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card. We prefer your order with credit card information and your signature be faxed. We need the name of the card holder, the credit card expiration date, street or box #, zip code, and the card name. You may also make a purchase in person through our store. Store information is locate at .

Your order will ship insured either by USPS, UPS ground, or AirBorne Express. We will choose the least expensive mode to ship unless otherwise directed by you. Shipping cost is base on actual cost.

To establish trade credit send us your bank and, three or more trade references. The more the better because some never reply. The name of your Purchasing Agent, and the person in charge of accounts payable. Credit evaluation takes between two to four weeks. Your order will be placed on hold until credit is approved.

Our trade credit terms are Net 30 days from date of shipment. Please include your invoice number with remittance.

Accounts beyond Net 30 days will have their purchase orders place on hold. Shipments will continue after the account is within the 30 days credit term. The account status with a history of consecutive over due account is changed to prepaid or C.O.D. only.

An account with a check returned by our bank will be charges a $25.00 bad check fee and the account status changed to C.O.D. cash or certified check only.