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Innovative Ceramic provides creative solutions to product identification and decoration. Our products are glass and ceramic decals, DuraFire™ Marking Inks, ceramic pencils and china markers, rubber stamps, ceramic mementos and gifts, camera ready art, business cards (raised print), stationery, labels, invitations, announcements, business checks (software compatible) photo posters, banners, lamination, billboard graphics, political, trade show and vehicle signage.

We are listed with the Uniform Code Council, Inc. as a provider of camera ready bar code artwork. We are also a Microsoft Publisher 2000 and 2002 Service Provider. Our art studio provides advertising, ceramic, rubber stamp, and other graphic artwork.

For those none Mac users our prepress center (and the rest of the organization) is PC NT based. Macromedia is our most favored design/graphic software vendor. We also use Adobe, Corel, and Microsoft products to help accommodate our clientele.

We supply helpful tools and provide allied products to compliment our products. We are constantly increasing the depth and breath of our product offering to meet our mission: To provide creative solution to product identification and decoration.

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