Helpful Tools for Applying Waterslide Decals

To consistently position a decal in the same location on repeated objects use a flexible stainless steel T-slide rule 6"x15/32"x1/64", $2.39). Set the T-slide to measure the distance from the rim or edge of an object to the decal.

To remove water and air from beneath the decal use a sixty or seventy durometer decal squeegee (2.5"x2"x.188", $4.95).

If you are working with small decals, decal forceps are helpful when removing decals out of the water, and when placing them on a substrate. They come in either a flat thin straight blade (4.25" long, $4.19) or a flat thin bent blade (4.5" long, $4.95).

Sometimes when removing a decal from the water (if it's separated from the paper) or on placing it on a substrate, it will fold over. Forceps with a fine curved file-cut point (4.75" long, $4.59) are helpful in unfolding the decal. All three forceps are Nickel-plated, and have flat corrugated handles.